Going Merry matches students with scholarships hosted by colleges and independent providers.

We’re used by thousands of providers and over 10,000 high schools across the US. We launched in 2018, having started as a graduate research project at Stanford University, with a mission to give every student equal access to life-changing education through scholarships.

It’s unique compared to scholarship search sites in four main ways:
-Students can apply directly to all the scholarships they are matched with. They are not redirected constantly like on Fastweb.
-It’s free for students and does not sell student data. That’s possible as Going Merry charges scholarship providers to use its software to manage their applications.
-Schools can add local scholarships onto Going Merry for free, even pen and paper ones. This means students have a one-stop shop for their local and national scholarships.
-Counselors can use Going Merry to track their students’ scholarship activity, including how many scholarships they have been matched with and how many applications they have made.

For more information, you can watch this ABC News Profile:

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